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Zaterdag 17 oktober 2020

GPL Resources

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GPL enforcement

Free Software - GPL Enforcement

1986-03-27   GNU Emacs General Public License

1987-03-20   GNU Emacs General Public License (clarified)

1988-02-11   GNU Emacs General Public License (clarified)
1988-03-03   Changes in General Public License
1988-04-14   Use and development of proprietary software

1989-02-12   GNU General Public License draft
1989-02-25   New General Public License

1991-01-05   Latest draft of library license
1991-01-13   Reverse engineering and LGPL
1991-03-24   New version of GPL, please comment
1991-06-03   GNU General Public License Version 2
1991-06-29   Why the library license

1992-03-23   Linux, GNU and the GPL - See document  More
1992-05-08   Executables and anon ftp

1993-06-08   GNU, GPL and the future of Linux - See document  More
1993-07-02   GPL not bypassed
1993-07-05   Effects of the GPL  More  More

1994-01-04   CD-ROM distributions and the GPL
1994-01-18   Linux distributions and the shadow password suite - See document
1994-02-16   Specialix driver - See document
1994-08-01   FSF licenses and Linux - See document  More  More

1995-04-21   Why do you call Linux "GNU/Linux"? - See document
1995-12-14   GPL violation - See document

1998-03-27   A statement on NPL/MPL/GPL licensing issues
1998-11-03   Linux kernel in breach of GPL? - See document

1999-02-01   Why you shouldn't use the Library GPL for your next library
1999-08-14   Source code for TiVO

2001-09-10   Enforcing the GNU GPL  More

2003-06-07   Linksys wireless router, Linux, GPL violation - See document  More  More
2003-09-29   Linksys/Cisco GPL violations

2004-10-01   Possible GPL violation of Linux in Amstrad's E3 videophone - See document

2005-06-09   GPL Version 3: Background to adoption  More  More

2006-01-12   GPLv3 launch  More  [PDF]  More  [YouTube]  More  More
2006-01-20   GPLv3 and Linux - See document
2006-01-30   Stallman expresses concern about the possible "tivoization" of Linux
2006-02-08   GPLv3 update  More  More  More
2006-03-18   The future of Free Software  [YouTube]
2006-07-27   Second draft of revised GNU General Public License  More  More
2006-09-22   The dangers and problems with GPLv3 - See document  More
2006-09-25   GPLv3: recent misleading information  More

2007-01-20   Open source researcher alerts Cisco to GPL issue - See document
2007-03-28   Third discussion draft of GPLv3 released  More
2007-05-31   Why upgrade to GPLv3 and "last call" draft
2007-06-09   Dual-licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3 - See document  More
2007-06-29   FSF releases the GNU General Public License, version 3  More  More
2007-07-05   Microsoft statement about GPLv3 - See document
2007-08-28   Microsoft cannot declare itself exempt from the requirements of GPLv3
2007-10-12   Interview with Richard Stallman  [OGG]  [WMA]
2007-10-29   Copyleft Capitalism: GPLv3 & Future of Software  [YouTube]
2007-12-19   Interview with Richard Stallman

2008-12-11   FSF Files Suit Against Cisco For GPL Violations  More  More  [PDF]

2009-04-13   Stallman discusses Free Software and GPLv3
2009-05-20   FSF Settles Suit Against Cisco  More

2013-02-03   FSF licensing policy challenges  [WMA]  More  [PDF]

2015-03-05   VMware sued for failure to comply with the GPL - See document  PDFs:  More  More
2015-03-05   Software Freedom Conservancy and Christoph Hellwig, GPL enforcement lawsuit
2015-03-05   VMware update to Mr. Hellwig's legal proceedings - See document
2015-03-22   GPL enforcement, VMware lawsuit - Watch video  [YouTube]  More  [PDF]

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