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Zondag 25 oktober 2020

Freedom of choice (for developers only)

I can have little other interest at the moment, since they're too snobbish to write software that could be portable to my machine. However, the last time the GPL was discussed, the point came up that the GPL was specifically written to have the virus-like effect. This is indeed evil, since it coerces *! into publishing *! software under RMS's terms, and in furtherance of RMS's goals, if I choose to use RMS's tools. This is as evil as communism - for that's exactly what it is. This is paranoid and delusional, at best.  If you don't agree with RMS's occasionally bozoid ideas, don't use his code.  There's no gun to your head or anything... You just don't want anyone *else* to use his code, right? Have you read the GNU Public License? It's a legal virus, contaminating everything it touches. If you run GNU Bison at all, the entire program you write is magically brought under its terms. I'm not sure if this applies to GNU cc's libraries or not, but it wouldn't surprise me. Most of GNUware was either written by RMS himself or by other people on their own time. This is no more "paid for by the public" than NetHack. To be continued.

De afgelopen dagen hebben we veel gehoord over alomtegenwoordig computergebruik. En helaas voor jou, vereist alomtegenwoordig computergebruik software. Software is overal, in je mobiele telefoon, in je tv-afstandsbediening en in andere apparaten die minder voor de hand liggen, like the Big Mouthed Billy Bass novelty singing fish.

Als 'code wet is' (1), dan is de echte vraag waar we voor staan: wie moet de code die je gebruikt controleren - jij, of een paar elite? Wij zijn van mening dat je het recht hebt om de software die je gebruikt te controleren en te beheren, en jou die controle geven is het doel van vrije en open-source software.

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