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Cyber Security Structural Measures Necessary - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte of General Affairs 🎉

Cyber Environment vital - Netherlands and VK most ICT intensive economies in Europe - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte of General Affairs 🎉

00:00 And the Netherlands is, next to the UK, the most ICT-intensive economy in Europe. Just a few 00:04 facts to show how important it is. That means that if you 00:09 want to maintain this and and and and and the Netherlands want to continue to grow, uh make 00:14 that cyber environment as safe as possible so that it is indeed vital uh that importance cannot be underestimated. Uh like 00:20 you said it is a necessity. Ehm, companies and people you just want to do business here undisturbed 00:25 ! Uh, you want no espionage, we want to prevent data from being stolen 00:31 or systems being paralyzed! Ehm and that is a matter that I think uh uh that also appears from 00:37 the report affects every individual who has to do with it! Uh, every business has to 00:43 do! Every industry, and indeed every government agency! It is something that can be 00:47 felt very broadly throughout society. Eh because no matter how well we are going to do it eh also the people 00:53 who want something wrong with it. The criminals? The spies? Uh and the combinations of the two, 00:58 which will also become more and more advanced, uh in that respect it 01:02 remains of course a uh development uh that goes very quickly and where we also 01:06 have to keep our knowledge up to date! So the bad news is that in a few years 01:10 we should have one of those reports again, but the good news is we know who is going to write it! 01:15 Well before the next reports come uh 'we want' to get started with this report first 01:18 . I think it makes it clear that there must be structural measures? That it is 01:23 not incidental. And that also means that we are going to start a movement 01:28 together and that includes the report and the follow-up, which is for the longer term, 01:32 eh we are now going to work terribly hard on that. Incidentally, this cabinet naturally wants 01:36 to make a start on this. But you are absolutely right will also be 01:39 an important topic in the formation in a next cabinet, uh without any doubt